"They stay on my extremely wiggly toddler because the strap lets you adjust the fit around the wrist."

Super Soft Warm and Vibrant Batik Mittens

Color: Red & Blue Patchwork
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Super Soft Warm and Vibrant Hand Gloves for Toddlers, Kids Fingerless Mittens with String and Velcro Straps Cute Winter Accessories for Kids

Winter is the time for playing in the snow and building snowmen. Your little one will run around in wonder as they try to catch snowflakes on their tongue. With cold, chilly weather, they will need some warm and vibrant hand gloves like these by Shu-Shi.

From catching snowflakes on their tongue to leaving footprints in the snow, your little child’s hands will get cold. Fortunately these animal mittens by Shu-Shi combat the cold. These mittens with string are made of super soft cotton and the insides are filled with warm fleece. While they are not waterproof, these kids mittens will keep your baby’s or toddler’s hands warm this winter.

Parents and grandparents will love the helpful details featured on these children's gloves. They contain a 32 inch string which will keep the patterned mittens together at all times. The string goes inside the coat so children will not lose their mittens. Velcro straps are also included on each glove to help adjust to your baby’s or toddler’s hand.

Who says gloves can’t be colorful? These toddler mittens come in colors both boys and girls will love. Fun monkey patterns come in colors like blue and turquoise, red and purple, and fuchsia and purple. The patchwork print comes in red with blue and turquoise as well as pink with fuchsia, purple, and turquoise. Lastly, the abstract floral pattern comes in pink.

Bright prints keep the excitement going. This Shu-Shi baby mittens feature a Batik print that is handcrafted and left to dry in the sun. Because it is dried in a natural way, some colors may vary from the photos but create a unique look. The section colors might also alternate from the photos like the string may be blue instead of pink.

After the fun has come to an end and the moon rises high in the sky, these childrens mittens are very easy to clean. Toss it in the washing machine and wash in cold water. These kids gloves will be clean before the next day’s exciting winter activities.

Made of cotton and fleece.
Features a 32 inch string and velcro straps.
Highlights a handcrafted and vibrant Batik print.
Machine wash in cold water. Tie the string so it does not get tangled up with other items in the wash.
Comes in colors like fuchsia and purple, patchwork pink, pink and hot pink, blue and turquoise, patchwork blue, and red and purple.
Comes in sizes like small (12-18 months), medium (18-24 months), large (24 months-3T), extra large (3T-4T), and extra extra large (4T).

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