LoveShuShi designs clothing for the traveling woman. We offer unique hand-crafted items that will need a little extra LOVE to keep them as long-lasting wear.


The sarongs go through a special dying technique where the dye is set by the sun, because of this our suggestion is to hand wash in cold water the first few times and ALWAYS hang to dry. The tassels are not a fan of the dryer.


These are very delicate. Always handle with care and watch out for any sharp objects, fingernails, or animals. You can either hand wash in cold water with baby shampoo or you can use a garment bag and wash on a delicate cycle. Lay flat to dry.

Embroidered/Hand Painted

Embroidered items can be very delicate. The embroidered items as well as the hand painted tunic kaftans are handmade. Flip inside out and wash on a gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low. 


Raw Edges/Beading

These are very delicate hand-crafted items. They are made uniquely for you. To keep them for a long time hand wash with a gentle soap in cold water. Hang to dry. Any machine use may cause it to fray or beading to come off. 


Please remember you are purchasing truly handmade items that require a little extra care. If you go by the guide above you can have a long lasting beautiful piece of art that you can wear for many years to come.