What To Pair With A Solid Sarong?

What To Pair With A Solid Sarong?

by Love Shu-Shi on Sep 24, 2022

What To Pair With A Solid Sarong?       

So you just got your new Love ShuShi sarong and you want to know what to do with it. You came to the right fashion blog. 

Sarongs are one of the most versatile pieces to bring to the beach. It is a beach lover must-have!

The unisex beach essential is perfect for men and women. Sarongs have so many uses. You can use them as a beach blanket, swimsuit cover up, or as an oversized shawl for a little extra sun protection. I have even seen fashionistas use them as a dress or skirt and wear them out for a dinner date. Check out this vlogger here. However, be it any sarong you choose, they are too thin to wear on their own without something being worn underneath due to their lightweight and airy nature. 

Wondering how to wear a sarong or what to wear paired with a black sarong for women? Here is what you need to know. 

Also, check out our video here for 14 ways to tie a sarong.

woman in black bikini and black sarong

Bathing suit + Sarong

A great way to wear a sarong is with a bathingsuit. It acts as a fashionable beach swimsuit cover-up for that added style and flair. From solids to prints, you can find the perfect sarong that will match your bathingsuit perfectly. Find a short sarong or a long sarong with fringe for a different look.  

woman in green mandala sarong and white bikini

Bikini + Sarong

Another way to wear a sarong is with a bikini. Whether you opt for a fringe sarong or colorful sarongs wearing it over a bikini looks the best. It gives you coverage and enhances every body type. It is a simple and efficient way to flaunt your style by wearing beach cover-ups of different designs and patterns.

Tank Top + Sarong

Wondering how to wear your black sarong? The best option is to try on a straightforward black tank top. As the sarong is too thin to be worn as a dress on its own, the tank top will help to achieve the desired style. You can look elegant, yet stay comfortable at the same time. 

Bralette + Sarong

Another option is to wear a sexy cute bralette under a black fringe sarong. You can wrap it around your body like a blouse as it will make it impossible to conceal your bra inside. Try a carefree boho style by pairing a colorful or patterned sarong with a bralette of choice. This is perfect for a festival, beach party, or lake visit. 

two women in a bikini and short mini sarong wrap

Bodysuit + Sarong

A bodysuit and sarong can pair beautifully together. Try tying the sarong around the waist and adding jewelry and cute sandals to this outfit and make it a uniquely elegant look that is still lightweight and airy. Go with a short sarong for a sexier look. 

As always, be mindful of the store you buy from. Are they sustainable or Fair Trade? What are their morals? When you buy from a company that has higher standards of morals and ethics it makes you feel as though you are contributing to the good cause that they are providing. Here at Love ShuShi we are Fair Trade and focus on empowering women. This can be through careers or styles. Look and feel your best-Be you. Be beautiful. Be confident. 

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