The Significance of the Mandala on Sarongs

The Significance of the Mandala on Sarongs

by Love Shu-Shi on Mar 14, 2023

Sarongs come in all different colors, designs, and lengths, but for today, we will be focusing on printed sarongs, specifically the mandala sarong.

The mandala is loved in beachwear fashion, even at Love Shu-Shi, we have five different mandala sarongs, and that’s not even counting the color variations in each option. So what is the significance of the mandala in sarong and general fashion?

The mandala is first seen in Hindu and Buddhist writing and artistry and is used to represent the relationship between yourself and the world around you. The origination of this symbol instantly connects it to spirituality and oneness in nature.

The mandala was adopted into western culture to signify calmness, peace, and wisdom.

Now, why has the mandala gained traction within fashion nowadays?

It’s because the mandala represents everything that we are lacking in modern times. Life is fast-paced, workaholism is at an all-time high, but a mandala is all about harmony and peace. While it may be difficult to slow down the speed of our lives in this modern day and age, we look for ways to show our yearning for peace in other ways. Between adult coloring books featuring mandalas and the incorporation of this symbol into fashion, it is clear that this is what we humans are most missing in life.

Fashion is a type of artistic and personal expression, and it fulfills a need in every person’s life!

Think about it this way.

When you’re feeling sad or vulnerable, what outfit would you choose to wear? Something that shows a lot of skin and is tight? Or would you choose the coziest sweatshirt/loungewear that you have that covers as much skin as possible?

Most people choose comfy and cozy when they aren’t feeling as confident as usual because it reflects their need for reassurance and support.

The irony of this is when the mandala is used in fast fashion. The mandala is all about balance and the wisdom you can find in the universe. Fast fashion is about massive companies making a quick buck while neglecting both their employees and their customer’s needs.

Rest assured, there is no irony when we use the mandala design on our clothing. We are committed to doing slow fashion the right way and bringing peace to everyone involved.