The History Behind the Bohemian Style

The History Behind the Bohemian Style

by Love Shu-Shi on Apr 17, 2022

The History of the bohemian style

Find Out How it All Started

Where it all began

Have you ever wondered where the boho style originated from? Maybe you have asked yourself the same question so many of us fashion lovers ask, "Who started the bohemian look?" Well my dear readers i will go through the history of the bohemian style throughout this blog. Together we will uncover the fashion statement that swept the 2022's. 



France did it

After the French Revolution, the group of travelers called the bohemians started appearing. They were originally from Bohemia which is in the western region of the Czech Republic. 

The Bohemians believed in an unconventional lifestyle that embraced music, art, spirituality, and literary.These people were considered wanders and vagabonds. 

As the plunge of poverty approached France after the war, many travelers migrated to find work and refuge. The Bohemians made their way to a culture that wildly influenced similar beliefs as well as a wide range of fashion that only has continued to grow more and more every year. 

How the boho style progressed

We can thank the Bohemians for their cultural influence in France mixed with the combination of France's already progressive culture. With much influence in art and music we can see how the modern Bohemian continues to live an unconventional lifestyle. 

During the 1960's and 70's is when the boho style really caught a hold of the fashion world. This time we can thank the hippies. With their bright colors and mix match textures, these free-spirited humans set the trend of what we see today that revolutionized the fashion industry. 

As we started to identify the bohemian style we see it called boho chic or boho fashion. If you haven't noticed throughout our clothing website or on our Amazon page we mention the word "boho chic" a lot. That is because we are familiar with the free-spirited, culturally diverse, and now upscale style that has planted its roots in the West. 

Do you identify with the bohemian style? 

Keep reading to find out key elements for the perfect boho look. 


Try out these simple hacks to really shine in the boho world. Trying new things can be a little scary and challenging if you have no idea which way to go. I have created a small roadmap for you to amplify your style. 

10 Key elements to create the boho style

I will just list off the top 10 things you will need as a foundation to incorporate the bohemian style into your daily wardrobe. If you want to read the whole blog click here

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1. Layers

2. Bold patterns that can be mixed 

3. Find ways to get creative with your clothing

4. Show off a little skin-there are many ways to do this depending on your taste and style

5. Accessorize with jewelry, hats, scarves, bags, and much more

6. Find that statement dress that you can wear for many occasions

7. Fringe it up through bags, skirts, tops, jewelry, and anyway you can

8.Embroidered and handmade clothing is a must-have

9. Welcome earthy hues

10. Be confident. Be beautiful. Be you.

What is the difference between hippie and bohemian?

Now that there is foundational knowledge on the Bohemians, France, and the flower children of the 60's;  as well as what to wear to enhance your bohemian style, it is time to know the difference between the boho chic style and the hippies.

"Is there really a difference?" you ask.

Yes, there is!

Just because the hippies helped bring the bohemian style into the everyday wear and just because they are free-spirited and unorthodox liked the Bohemians, there is still a difference between the hippie "flower child" style and the bohemian style. 

One of the major differences is that the Bohemians of the world are romantics and have a romanticized vibe that is expressed through their clothing. This can be from longer silhouettes or flowy ruffled skirts. Along with the romantic look the clothing of the boho chic tend to run more expensive. After all of the poverty that their ancestors struggled with it is an honor to be able to afford high-quality bohemian fashion. This can be seen as a sign of respect and progression to families that struggled. 

With strong patterns and bold vibrant colors, the bohemians tend to explore a little more color than the hippies who tend to stick to more natural earthy tones. 

Another difference is that the bohemian style has a more polished look to it all. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the hippie look. Both the bohemian look and the hippie style are very free-spirited and bold and very natural. However, the polished finished look of the boho chic tends to fall towards the fact that the clothing is more money. 

Having nice clothing and spending a little more than you usually would gives you garments that last-longer and feel nicer against the skin. It is an enhancement to the wardrobe and some may even call this self-care.  

Although there are many similarities between the two groups and in some ways you can easily cross over, to me this is an opportunity to create your own new look with a mix of messy hair and polished clothing. Don't forget to grab the fringe purse!



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