The Dashiki Revolution

The Dashiki Revolution

by Love Shu-Shi on Jul 19, 2023

First, what is dashiki and dashiki print? Dashiki is a traditional garment originating from West Africa. It is a loose-fitting tunic or shirt characterized by its vibrant colors, bold patterns, and intricate embroidery and made up of light fabric like cotton or silk. 

Dashiki print on the other hand refers to the distinctive and colorful patterns commonly found on dashiki garments. These prints are characterized by bold, geometric designs, often featuring vibrant colors such as red, yellow, green, blue, and black. Get ready for a journey through the intertwining realms of culture and style in fashion history with dashiki print!

Let's rewind to the swinging '60s, a period when Africa was embracing its cultural heritage with fervor. Originating from West Africa, dashiki fashion and print quickly became a symbol of African pride and identity. Crafted from vibrant, patterned fabrics, it drapes effortlessly, embracing the wearer in an air of grace and poise. Its loose fit offers comfort without compromising on style—a true embodiment of understated chic.

As time progressed, designers couldn't resist the magnetic pull of the dashiki. They incorporated elements inspired by its vivid colors and intricate patterns into their collections. The fashion industry knew that this style was destined to capture hearts and turn heads.

And capture hearts it did. From the glitz of red carpets to everyday fashion, the dashiki became an irresistible force. A-list celebrities proudly showcased their dashiki-inspired ensembles, knowing full well that this style held the key to standing out from the crowd.

Adding a touch of African flair to your wardrobe is as simple as slipping on a carefully curated piece! Modern fashion has come to embrace cultures that are different from the Western standard, so now you can find dashiki-inspired details wherever you go, even in our online shop!

From its humble origins in West Africa to gracing the runways of the most prestigious fashion shows, this bold and colorful trend has cemented its place in modern fashion history.