The Bridge Between Art and Fashion

The Bridge Between Art and Fashion

by Love Shu-Shi on Mar 20, 2023

Fashion is an artistic form of personal expression. It’s really not so different from what we usually consider art such as paintings and sculptures. Everything that is so inspiring about art can also be present in meaningful fashion. Of course you might not find anything meaningful within a mass-produced t-shirt from your local department store, but there is a reason why fashion shows and runways feature the best of the best when it comes to fashion.

It’s because beautiful fashion provokes emotion and thought!

One way to create the bridge between art and fashion is with hand painted clothing. In my opinion, hand painted clothing is a way to get that personal touch that is so distant from most fast fashion nowadays. Instead of just shoving fabric into various machines to create hundreds of identical pieces, each hand painted outfit is completely unique. Brush strokes will vary, coloring will vary, and style will vary depending on who painted which piece.

It’s an amazing feeling to receive a piece of clothing that has been taken care of so well and so cherished that it is used as both a fashion statement and an artistic canvas.

For us, our hand painted long kimonos, cover ups, and dresses are our form of personal expression.

Our hand painted kimonos and cover ups are a tribute to the Bali tropics featuring hibiscus flowers in bright, vibrant colors! Considering it is painted by hand directly onto the beach cover ups, it’s almost like taking a little piece of Bali wherever you go.

With our hand painted dresses and kaftans, you can choose a hibiscus and tropical flower design or embrace a tribal design that can feature traditional depictions such as nomads, family, and even musicians.

No matter what style you prefer, each one comes from a love and passion for understanding different cultures and artisanal crafts!

Fashion brings people together because it is an art form, and hand painted fashion is definitely one of my favorite ways to bring fashion and art even closer together by adding a personal human touch.