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Show Me More! What You Wear Matters

by Love Shu-Shi on Aug 06, 2019

Ladies, what is one thing that will ALWAYS look beautiful no matter your age, sex, size, race? 

Your shoulders...that's right. These strong beauties don't seem to age like the rest of us. It's as though they have their own agenda on what they want to do. They want to stay sexy! So why don't you show them off some more?

Let's bring back that perfect balance of confidence, feminine, and sexy

Black and white dress

Feeling confident is a MUST! This summer, make it easy to throw on the essential summer gear to show off some shoulders and rock your confidence to the fullest. Tank tops are easy to dress up and feel great in all day long. Honestly, they can be paired with almost anything your heart desires for any occasion. Shorts, leggings, pants, even toss on top of a strapless or spaghetti strapped dress and create a new look. Still not feeling comfortable or convinced? Try something with a lace back for a sexier feminine touch.

women dress

  Cold shoulder dresses and shirts are another way to enhance a feminine look. This is the type of cut out made for women of all sizes, ages, and races! Elegantly show off the perfect amount of skin with cut out sleeves. Dresses like this can be ideal for lounging around the house, going out to lunch, vacation getaways, or have heads turn at the next art gallery you attend. No matter where you wear this hold your head high and feel your best! 

women wear

Get your sexy on with the perfect summer dress. Some fashion notes to keep in mind during your summer shopping is to find a dress that will accentuate parts of you, not all of you. Coverage is good! A knee-length dress gives a subtle hint of sexy paired with a cold shoulder cut will only tease the eye a little more. Also, to really tie the look together, have a chic neckline with a little plunge. This will keep it sexy and keep others guessing. A sure-fire way to feel confident and feminine for that date night you so deserve! 

No matter if you hate your arms or can't stand your legs just know there are other alternatives that can bring out your confident, sexy, feminine self. All you have to do is embrace it and go have fun. 

Clothes made for the traveling woman, clothes made for you.

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