Sarongs-Why We LOVE Them

Sarongs-Why We LOVE Them

by Love Shu-Shi on Mar 07, 2022

Sarongs are one of those amazing fashion miracles that changed the way people dressed. Sarongs are not just fashionable pieces that we wear to the beach for added coverage. 


Sarongs are versatile and perfect for more than just the beach. Originally used in the Malay Peninsula in the early 1800s, sarongs were used by the seafaring people. Sarongs were worn by both men and women. They offered a lightweight and cooling experience on the hottest of days. 

Nowadays sarongs serve as a similar purpose but with much modern undertone! 

Here are a few reasons why we here at Love Shu-Shi love sarongs and make a variety of colors and styles, which you can check out here

woman in black sarong. Bikini cover up by the poolside in Bali. Green trees in the background and white beach furniture

#1 Sarongs Are Versatile

Have you ever been at the beach or going to a pool party and just cannot figure out what to wear? Grabbing a sarong adds that stylish flare and also enhances any bathing suit that you have. Finding the right color and design is probably the most difficult part!

You can wear the long sarong as a wrap skirt, a halter dress, a tube dress, or even fold it in half and make it a knee-length sarong (depending on your height). We have a video here that will demonstrate 7 Different Ways to Wear a Sarong. 

Another amazing versatile way to use a sarong is using one as a beach blanket. It isn't heavy and shakes off sand and grass easily.  

#2 Sarongs Are Lightweight and Dry Quickly

No one enjoys a heavy garment of fabric while the sun is beating down and it is 95 degrees and up! In fact, we are all thinking "how do i get away with wearing as little as possible?"


That is the answer. The lightweight fabric and quick drying properties make this the perfect beach must-have. Simply toss in your bag and go!

If you put it in your carry on for vacation, you can pull it out and wear as a head covering if the sun becomes too hot. It doesn't capture the heat but allows a sun protectant. 

#3 Sarongs Offer Many Patters, Colors, and Designs

dip-dye sarong on two women. Pink and white fringe sarong. Blue and white fringe sarong

As I mentioned above, finding the perfect color or design can be the hardest part of a sarong. Shopping online thousand of designs, colors, and patterns can seem overwhelming to some. 

Since there are solid sarongs out there it can ease the "pain" of shopping around. A simple black sarong or a white sarong go with EVERYTHING!! Find your new favorite sarong that you carry with you everywhere you go. 

#4 Sarongs Offer Coverage

When was the last time that you went to the beach and you wanted to walk along the water but were too insecure about your legs, tummy, arms, back, etc.? This is another reason why we LOVE sarongs. 

Sarongs make it so that we can walk the beach, sit by the poolside, or embark on any hiking waterfall adventure confidently. The fabric Gods have blessed us with a garment that covers us in all the right places, keeps us stylish, and leaves us feeling confident! Sarongs are life changing.

Why We LOVE Them

Once you own a sarong it is difficult to go without. The versatility alone is worth the buy. The best part of them all is that they are made for all. When I say this it means women and men of all shapes and sizes, styles, backgrounds, and skin colors. Sarongs do not discriminate and they look fantastic on everyone!

We encourage you to dive in and do your research. Find out if the company uses ethically made products. Are they supporting others? Does the company have morals and values other than just getting your money?

Find what works for you! Now you see why we here at Love Shu-Shi LOVE sarongs.

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Share your thoughts on why YOU love sarongs below. 

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