Sarongs: 7 Ways to Wear a Sarong

Sarongs: 7 Ways to Wear a Sarong

by Love Shu-Shi on Mar 29, 2022

Your vacation is right around the corner and you have packed everything you need for a fun and relaxing trip. The beach and sun are calling your name! The excitement is building. 

You go back and check your luggage to make sure you have what you need but notice it is a little too full. 

Let me share a secret with you that aids in light packing for an enjoyable vacation-get yourself a large sarong (or 3). A sarong is one of the most valuable and practical items to bring with you on a trip. You can go here to read about why we LOVE sarongs so much. 

There is much debate about creativity when it comes to tying a sarong. I hear it all the time "I am just not that creative". Well my friend, I have provided the perfect fashion blog post for you that will show you 7 exciting and easy ways to use a sarong. 


How to Wear a Sarong

1.  A Simple Wrap Skirt

The most basic and easy way to wear a sarong is by wrapping it around your waist and tying a side knot. Open the sarong up and grab the top corners of the skirt. Wrap it around your waist. Tie to the side. There you have the perfect maxi skirt. Simple and easy!


Woman wearing a sarong by the poolside. How to wear a sarong


2. Wear as a Tube Dress

This one offers more coverage but still offers a sweet and feminine look. Another very simple look that will turn heads. Take the sarong corners  and wrap it around the chest area. Tie the two corners in the front and voila you have a beautiful look that covers more and still looks stylish. Grab your sunhat from LoveShuShi and go. 


Woman wearing a sarong as a tube dress coverup


 3. A Halter Dress 

Another look that will offer more coverage but an exotic feel. I would say this is moderately easy. First hold the sarong behind you. Grab the corners. Cross the left side to the right and the right side to the left so there is a criss-cross in the front. Finally tie the sarong behind your neck. 


Woman walking on the beach in a sarong that is tied as a halter dress. How to wear a sarong by Shu-Shi


4. Make it a Mini Skirt

This is sexier look that shows off a tad more skin. If you have a sheer sarong and want to make it more opaque this is an excellent way to do it. Simply fold the sarong in half (hotdog style) and take the corners in hand. Wrap the folded sarong around your hips and tie. Simple as that and you have a sexy look. 

How to wear a sarong style guide. 7 ways to wear a sarong


5.  One Shoulder Greek Goddess Dress

A personal favorite of mine! This is a true Greek Goddess look that works for so many body types. Whether you are a beautiful curvy Goddess or a petite and thin Goddess, this look is for all. First, grab the opposing sides of the sarong. Put it behind your body and pull the corners to the top in the front and the back. Tie at the shoulder. Since this sarong has fringe, if you may choose to, tie gently and loosely on the side for more coverage. 

sarong tied at the shoulder for a greek goddess look. how to wear a sarong.


6. Shoulder Coverage

This look you don't need creative thinking just a sarong that you absolutely love. This is great for days you feel as though you have gotten too much sun. Simply wrap this sarong around your shoulders and now you have a beautiful shawl that is helping to protect you from the sun. Also, you can use this shawl for cool evening strolls on the beach. Not only will this soft fabric leave you feeling comfortable, the essence of it will leave a romantic feel to a night out under the moon. 

Two women wearing a sarong as a shawl and a maxi skirt. How to wear a sarong

 7. Beach Blanket

The most simple and easy way to wear a sarong is not so much to wear it but use it. Lay it out as a beach blanket for days you want to pack light. The material of our sarongs are great for shaking off sand quickly so you can then wrap it around your body in the many different ways that have been listed above. Great for picnics and just a cool boho vibe for vacation.

woman laying on an elephant mandala boho sarong. how to wear a sarong.


Lightweight and super easy to pack, sarongs have many different styles and uses. Find many that you like and use them for all days of the week. When you are on a sunny vacation we want to show off skin and find clothing that is practical, comfortable, stylish, and versatile. You can find that here at LoveShuShi. We are dedicated to helping women love their bodies by providing them clothing that is easy to wear and flattering.  


We encourage you to dive in and do your research. Find out if the company uses ethically made products. Are they supporting others? Does the company have morals and values other than just getting your money?

Find what works for you! Now you see why we here at Love Shu-Shi LOVE sarongs.

Clothes for traveling woman - Sarongs: 7 Ways to Wear a Sarong


As always please share the love with friends and family that you think could benefit from this fashion blog. 

Comment below on how you like to wear your sarong.