Let’s Compare Ponchos!

Let’s Compare Ponchos!

by DigiRocket Technologies on Feb 22, 2023

We have a lot of different poncho styles at Love Shu-Shi, so let’s do a fashion breakdown! 

Today we will be comparing our top 3 poncho styles: the Perfect Poncho, the Feminine Flair Poncho, and the Ultra Lightweight Poncho. 

1. Let’s get started! The Perfect Poncho is exactly what we call it. It is the perfect, OG version of our entire line of ponchos. If you aren’t familiar with generation Z slang, (don’t worry, I’m no expert on it either!) OG means original. Let’s face it, unless you are talking about the Shrek franchise or Aliens the movie, the original is usually the best of its class! You can’t go wrong with the original because of how versatile it is. This is completely true for the Perfect Poncho. Because of the straight knit lines and lack of sleeves, you can choose to wear it in so many different ways and it will still look the way you want it to! We didn’t go “extra” with this one because sometimes a simple look is the best look.  


2. The Feminine Flair Poncho is a secret favorite of mine. What makes this poncho different from the Perfect Poncho is the cute ruffled edge. This is called a lettuce edge ruffle in knitting because of how the ruffle curls along the hem similar to how lettuce looks. It gives an immediate romantic look to any piece of clothing. Our soft, delicately knit poncho with this adorable ruffled hem gives off immediate “soft girl” aesthetic, which if you don’t know is a trend on embracing your femininity. (Don’t worry if you didn’t know this phrase! We’re all learning here!) The soft girl aesthetic is characterized with pastels and flowy, girly clothing. Our Feminine Flair Poncho is perfect if you’re looking to embrace that trend, and I would definitely recommend getting the dusty pink version of this knit poncho in that case! Not into pastels? No worries, it comes in a wide range of colors from black, purple, maroon, and more. 


3. Finally, the Ultra Lightweight Poncho is a hidden gem among our ladies ponchos and wraps. What makes the Ultra Lightweight Poncho different from the other two we have discussed here are the sleeves. One comment we sometimes get on our ponchos is that they wish it had sleeves. I could talk all day about how the key thing that makes a poncho, a poncho is the lack of sleeves, but you can’t stop what the customer wants. This is how the Ultra Lightweight Poncho was born! It combines the simplicity of the Perfect Poncho and just adds on some flowy, non-restrictive sleeves. This version is amazing for people who love the idea of a poncho, but never feel completely comfortable with the lack of sleeves.  


There are a couple things that all three of these beautiful options have in common! All of these ponchos are knitted by our extended family in Bali and they are all handmade. Don’t worry if you get your poncho delivered and you’re confused about how to wear it. Just gently stretch the fabric to your preferred style and length.  

We have more ponchos than what are named here, so be expecting a part two on comparing ponchos!