How To Style A Loose Shrug

How To Style A Loose Shrug

by Love Shu-Shi on Sep 24, 2022

How To Style A Loose Shrug     

So you just bought this beautiful shrug and you feel at a loss on how to wear it. What do you even pair this thing with? Can you wear it all year round? The questions are piling up. 

I am so thankful you found this fashion blog to help you with all your shrug questions. 

I am going to break down all the essentials on the must-knows on how to style a shrug. There may even be an added bonus of how to care for your Love ShuShi shrug at the bottom. Hint Hint

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Here we go.

With different seasons coming and going, different lifestyles and outings come with it along with the vast difference in clothing worn each season. In Summer, for example, loose types of clothing is the best option. It keeps things breathable, airy, lightweight, and personally far more enjoyable to be outside in the heat. So can you really wear a shrug during the summer? Yes, absolutely! 

Shrugs are designed to help add coverage to the arms and spice up an outfit. Below you will see a list of ways to wear a shrug year-round.

With the high demand for shrugs lately, there are beautiful and trendy designs coming out every day. Wondering how to style lightweight shrugs for summer? Here are some best tips for you. 


woman in shrug and jeans


1. Long Shrug + Jeans 

Having a long shrug gives you ample fashionista options. For instance, you can wear a black sheer shrug with black jeans and a sleeveless tank top. Spice it up with wedges, boots, or sandals like these here. Go ahead and add your favorite delicate jewelry to keep it unique.  

2. Cropped Shrug + Mini Dress

Want to spice up a cute mini dress? Slip on a cropped sheer shrug for a little extra added coverage and style to the outfit. If a mini dress is not your vibe, any tank dress is ideal for a sheer cropped shrug. The best part is you have endless options of colors and styles. Tie it or leave it open for a different look. You can rock these in the summer and spring. Easily wear in the fall and winter under your favorite winter coat.

3. Loose Fringe Shrug + Shorts

Start your summer right with a fringed shrug and shorts. Lightweight and airy, shrugs can be the boho touch you are looking for. Dazzle your look with a simple throw-on and go a piece of clothing. Take it to the beach with you or wear over a cute T-Shirt and shorts. 


white palazzo pants white shrug top tie top for women


4. Solid Sheer Shrug + Palazzos

Palazzo pants are back! Easily pair these flowy pants with a sheer shrug for a more luxurious and comfortable resort getaway look. You don’t have to be on vacation to obtain this look. Key points here: Make sure the palazzo pants are lightweight and airy (if worn in the summer). Grab one solid color and one vibrant color to spice it up. 

5. Loose Shrug + Bathing Suit

woman in see through shrug top

From bikinis to your favorite one-piece bathing-suit, make sure you grab a shrug that suites you best. Toss a Love ShuShi shrug in your purse or beach bag for a little extra added sun protection at the beach, lake, or poolside. The possibilities are endless for a cute topper like this. This will be your vacation bestie! You will find yourself taking it everywhere with you and turning heads while doing so. 

Quick Love ShuShi Care Tips:

Now that you have your shrug and you have ideas on how to style it here are some quick care tips for your Love ShuShi shrug to keep it looking like new for years to come:

  • The shrugs are made from delicate material! That means be mindful of jewelry, nails, and anything sharp that may snag the open-weave knit. We created it this way not only for the beautiful design but to keep things lightweight, airy, and wrinkle-free.
  • Preferably hand wash these shrugs in gentle soap and cold water. If you have a bag to toss your delicates in, feel free to put them in the washer and dryer. (Just keep it away from other clothing as it may tear)
  • Lastly, these shrugs are stretchy and give you extra length and width if you give them a simple yet gentle tug. As the day goes on they will also stretch out. 

    As always, be mindful of the store you buy from. Are they sustainable or Fair Trade? What are their morals? When you buy from a company that has higher standards of morals and ethics it makes you feel as though you are contributing to the good cause that they are providing. Here at Love ShuShi we are Fair Trade and focus on empowering women. This can be through careers or styles. Look and feel your best-Be you. Be beautiful. Be confident. 

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