Groovy September Vibes: Earth, Wind, and Fire-Inspired Fashion Tips

Groovy September Vibes: Earth, Wind, and Fire-Inspired Fashion Tips

by Jasmine Demir on Sep 18, 2023

“Do you remember, the 21st night of September?” Can you feel the change in the air? September has arrived, and we're ready to shimmy into a new season with the fabulous vibes of Earth, Wind, and Fire's classic tune! Let's take inspiration from the song's vibe and bring it into your style game! As the leaves start to turn colors and the breeze gets a little crisper, it's the perfect time to shake up your wardrobe with some groovy September-inspired fashion. And yes, we mean both the song and the season, so get ready for this wild ride!

Embrace Your "Golden Dreams”

Picture this: a palette of warm browns, rich caramels, and deep olives that capture the hues of the changing earth. Mix in some gold and your golden dreams are here to stay this fall! Throw on a flowing maxi dress in one of these gorgeous neutral colors and pair it with your favorite pair of ankle boots that you’ve been dying to wear since June.

      boho sundress

Fashion That Dances With the Wind

Let's catch that September breeze! Imagine yourself in a maxi skirt or dress that flutters and twirls as you walk. It's like your outfit has a mind of its own, dancing to the rhythm of the wind. Feeling extra fabulous? Wrap yourself in a lightweight scarf – it's a stylish accessory and your partner-in- crime. Let that breeze playfully tousle your hair as you own the world, one twirl at a time.

And PS, a sarong can double as a scarf easily because of how lightweight it is!
         mandala sarong swimsuit cover up
Set Your Style Ablaze

Ready to set your style on fire? Add in bursts of bright red, warm burnt orange, and intense maroon to your outfit palette. It's like inviting September's vibrant energy into your wardrobe. These boho harem pants emulates the carefree and vibrant fashion of Earth, Wind, and Fire, and they also have a side pocket because we all need a place to store our phone!

       palazzo pants

Just like the Earth, Wind, and Fire song, September is a mix of that nostalgic feeling, the thrill of change, and a rhythm that's all its own. Infuse these vibes into your outfits this month – it's not just about putting on clothes; it's about embracing the very heart of the season!