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Falling For YOU! Fall Clothing You Will Love

by Love Shu-Shi on Sep 21, 2019

It is that time of the year where the leave starts changing beautiful yellows and reds and oranges. The air is filled with the sweet crisp smells of fresh apples and cider.

Homes began filling up with autumn foods, soups, and sweet potatoes and cinnamon.

Our wardrobes start shifting from sexy flowy dresses with shoulders exposed to layers upon layers. 

It's that time ladies. 

The fall fashion is now among us. But not to worry!! Layering up doesn't have to be a bulky mess that makes you uncomfortable. Nope, it's a simple shift I'm here to show you how.


brown poncho and a white cream poncho. Ponchos for women. Ponchos with fringe. Fall fashion ponchos. Fall clothing for women.

Ponchos are the hottest trend year after year. It never fails to effortlessly look stylish with the simplicity of comfort. Ponchos are the best way to minimize the bulk we are so afraid of. You can use them year-round, too! Pair them with a pair of shorts for an evening stroll on the beach. Enhance your fall outfit with cute boots, leggings, and a poncho. Layer up with a long sleeve shirt underneath for a much cooler day. No matter the occasion you can easily put your style forward.

Long Dresses

two long summer dresses for women. Two women wearing tie dye dresses. Batik hand dyed dresses for women. Maxi long dresses.

Don't be fooled by the long strappy dress you see here. Ladies I am here to tell you, long summer dresses are still extremely useful during the beginning parts of fall. Easily pair with boots and a poncho to stay the boho way. Mix it up with some fun statement jewelry for a head-turning look. 

It's flowy.

It's fun and sexy.

Don't underestimate the versatility of dresses for an all-year-round look. Layer with leggings underneath to stay even warmer.

Flowy Pants

 black dress


 Flowy pants are a great addition to the wardrobe. You can stay casual comfy or sophisticated elegant. For a more casual look pair with your handy cable knit poncho and a t-shirt. Dress it up for a classy look with elegant jewelry an heels for a night out. You don't have to be uncomfortable to be stylish. 


No matter what you decide to slip into this fall remember that you have the choice to look stylish doing it. 

Clothes made for the traveling woman, clothes made for you.

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