Fall Fashion Problems That We Solved with Humor

Fall Fashion Problems That We Solved with Humor

by Jasmine Demir on Sep 14, 2023

Fashion doesn’t have to be serious all of the time! Fashion can be serious, deep, and truly enriching, but this time, we are going to be focusing on the funny side of all your common fashion problems this fall. So buckle up because you’re in for a load of laughs!

Problem 1: Preparing for an over-crowded flight back home for the holidays?

Our Tip: Wear a turtleneck. The second that baby starts crying on the plane, someone steals your armrest, or you discover that you have to PAY for a sleep mask, tuck your head inside your turtleneck. Do this once and you will be wondering why you weren't born a turtle. Clearly, they are doing something right.


P.S., this is our suggestion for a turtleneck poncho that will come in clutch!


Problem 2: Vests. That’s it.

Our Tip: Let’s just admit it. Vests don’t make any sense. Is your torso ready for fall and winter but your arms still convinced it is summer? Or do you just prefer your arms to be as close to popsicles as they can possibly get? Either way, our tip is to ditch the vests and try a fashion statement that supports your arms as nature’s own personal grabby tools. How else are we going to grab that remote or pet the cat?

Problem 3: Letting go of summer is as difficult as Taylor Swift forgetting about her exes.

Our Tip: Some people can do this cold turkey. One second they are all about shorts and skirts, and the next second, the only thing in their wardrobe are infinity scarves and a small shrine to all of the pumpkin spice lattes they’ve drank in the past. If you’re someone who only puts away the sundresses once the first snowstorm hits, our tip is this: keep the sundresses and get yourself a dozen or so thermal or wool leggings. At least the bottom half of your body will be nice and cozy, and when it gets cold enough, you will be ready to put on a jacket.


Try out this sundress as your fall companion! It has pockets!

That is all of our tips and funny suggestions for common fall problems, folks! If you like vests or enjoy waiting until the last minute to switch to fall outfits, don’t take any of our tips seriously. In fashion, everything is “to each their own.” What makes you feel confident and attractive is completely different from what other people prefer. Keep this in mind and see the humor in relatable fall fashion faux pas!