Fall Fashion Personality Quiz

Fall Fashion Personality Quiz

by Jasmine Demir on Sep 12, 2023

Here's the deal: we're pretty confident we can predict your go-to fall fashion statement piece based solely on your preferred seasonal autumn drink!

Let’s get started!

If you were your favorite fall drink, what would you be?

       A. Pumpkin Spice Latte
       B. Apple Crisp Macchiato
       C. Hot Chocolate Mocha
       D. Spiced Apple Cider

Have you made your choice? Simply scroll to the letter you've selected!

 A. Ponchos are this fall's trendy equivalent of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, and if you picked A, you're chic, street-smart, and witty! Your spontaneous nature drives you toward adventures, but you still value structure and safety. Zip-lining, skydiving, and rock climbing are all on your bucket list, as long as a pro is there to guide you through the thrill.


B.Think of cardigans as the "mom" friend of fall fashion. If you picked B, you're the stable, put-together type who's quick on their feet. Your mature vibe impresses your friends, and you prefer cozy plans like browsing your local bookstore with a coffee in hand or mid-morning farmers markets over wild adventures. You're the reliable one in the group, just like the dependable warmth of a cardigan.

       knitted cardigan

C. Imagine shrugs as the playful and carefree individuals in the fall fashion lineup. If C caught your eye, you're that naturally friendly person who effortlessly breaks the ice in new situations. Confidence and empathy are your strengths, making you charismatic and easy to get along with. You're always ready to join any adventure your friends come up with, embracing the journey with open arms and a carefree spirit.  


D. Consider turtlenecks as the eccentric members of the fall fashion clan. If you went with D, you're the quirky, entertaining friend who can light up any room with your humor. Adventure seems to find you effortlessly, and even everyday outings turn extraordinary with you around! Just as turtlenecks stand out with their unique style, you stand out with your charm and ability to make the ordinary shine.

       knitted sweater cardigan