Embracing Fall Vibes with Open-Front Kimonos

Embracing Fall Vibes with Open-Front Kimonos

by Jasmine Demir on Sep 24, 2023

Can we all agree that fall has a knack for throwing some curveballs our way? It's like, "Hey, I'm gonna be kinda chilly in the morning and turn into a sauna by noon – good luck picking an outfit!" But fear not, because we've got the inside scoop on the perfect transition piece this season: the open front kimono!

Kimonos: Bringing an Added Pop to Your Outfits

So, you might've heard of kimonos, those fab flowy things that originated in Japan? Well, the open-front version is like the stylish cousin who shows up to the party and immediately becomes the center of attention. Picture this: you're strolling through crunchy leaves, Starbucks in hand, and your kimono is giving you major twirl-worthy drama with every step.

                tye dye sarong

Denim + Kimono = Ultimate BFFs

Imagine giving your worn out jeans a fashion upgrade that's as easy as it is stunning. Enter: the denim and kimono combo. Grab your fav pair of jeans – distressed, skinny, boyfriend, whatever floats your boat – and team them up with a simple tee or tank. Then, toss on an open-front kimono that's practically begging for a twirl. The result? You're strutting down the street like you just stepped out of a fashion shoot.
                 tye dye sarong

From Summer to Fall in Style

Here's the thing about transitioning from summer to fall: it's like saying goodbye to your favorite ice cream flavor (we're looking at you, double fudge swirl) but also saying hello to that cozy cup of hot cocoa. Kimonos are the perfect bridge between these two seasons. Go for patterns that echo fall's changing hues – think warm golds, muted florals, and earthy tones. P.S., a batik dyed kaftan can have the most beautiful warm colors, just like this one below!

                 tye dye kimono