Boho Trends To Watch Out For In 2023!

Boho Trends To Watch Out For In 2023!

by Sandeep Mishra on Jan 20, 2023


We can’t predict the future but this is our guess of what will be popular in the bohemian trend this year.  




Magenta is the color of the year according to Pantone, and that is something that will influence the trending colors this year for sure. You can expect to see a full range of purples and pinks. The romantic type of boho emphasizes using pastel colors to achieve that flirty, boho look. Keep this in mind when you see periwinkles and lavender colors flood the fashion market in 2023! 




Short skirts and dresses are officially out for the time being and maxi skirts are all the rage. This goes along with how romantic cuts and designs are popular right now. The longer the skirt, the more romantic it is. Keep in mind that the Romantic Era in fashion was designated by full skirts, ruffles, and a corset. You could compare recent emerging trends with this historical fashion. We have recently seen a shift from skinny jeans to flared, and mini skirts to maxi, ruffled skirts, and we have even seen the reemergence of the corset. The modern look just isn’t in right now. Instead cottage-core and boho chic looks are thriving. Even with the sudden rise in grunge fashion (thanks to a certain Addams family member!) it’s not hardcore grunge that is in style. Instead it is a slightly more feminine, ruffled soft grunge that emphasizes both sides of the coin at once. 




As we have mentioned, we are leaving the modern, precisely sculpted fashion statements for a more romantic, bohemian vibe in 2023, so we definitely can’t leave fringe out of the mix. Where minimalist, elegant looks were once loved, we are now seeing a greater love for the complexities that fashion can express in the current fashion era. Mixing and matching colors and patterns are no longer big fashion no-no’s, so of course there is room for fringe in the mix. Fringe immediately brings a sense of boho, country-chic freshness to the table and can even bring a sense of innocence to an outfit.  




Be ready for any sudden fashion trends this year! We are experiencing a unique combination of modernity and vintage antiquity. We live and experience the world in a modern era and yet we are enjoying some of the more traditional cuts of fashion. Bright, bold colors like magenta are in style but we are seeing a revival of romantic ruffles. See? It’s a contradiction in the best possible way! We will likely see a lot of short term trends that will come and go, so try to plan your wardrobe with timeless pieces that you can always use.