Batik drying in Bali.

Batik Me! A Guide to Understanding Batik

by Love Shu-Shi on Jul 29, 2019

Let's talk batik for a moment.

The first question you may be asking yourself is, "What in the world is batik? Is it some kind of hot word the fashion gurus sent down to us?"

This is only partially correct. Batik is an ancient technique that is used for dying clothing. Batik is most commonly used in China (as well as other Indonesian countries) where stenciling and hand drawing on fabric creates the beautiful work of art we get to wear.

However, it doesn't stop there. There are many different methods that can be considered batik, here at LoveShuShi we use at least three of them. I won't talk about all of them just the 3 types that we use.

Solid Dying

maxi dress

Solid dying batik dying is where the garment is fully dyed and then set in the sun to dry. We let mother nature do what she does best. As the garment is fully saturated in the color and drying the color is being absorbed into the fabric. After sitting outside for hours the material is then soaked and set out once more. This is a unique way to let the colored dye sink into the clothes. Our suggestion: If you buy anything batik hand wash the first couple times. It allows any "leftover" dye to be released.

Screen Printing

tie dye maxi

Screen printing, or "printing" has been used since 960 C.E. A very ancient technique that is still so popular today. Screen printing is where fabric is placed on a long slab and wax is used to block off sections or designs of the garment that you do not wish to dye. The dye is then placed on top and is smoothed out with a handheld machine called "the squeeze". (perfect name for such a contraption.) this is where the dye is evenly distributed and viola! Presto, beautifully printed designs.

Tie & Dye Printing

Tie dye maxi dress with cold shoulder cut out sleeves. Deep v neck

Another fun and popular batik method we use is called a tie and dye printing. This is exactly what you are thinking of. The hippies have taken over once more! It isn't just for hippies anymore. Ancient cultures have tied up clothing and dipped them in dye. Our extended family in Bali, Indonesia has taken the time to hand dye the clothing you see above. It is quite intimate as well as extraordinary. No messy clean us for you.


As I mentioned before, these are just at least 3 methods we use to create the fashionable clothing you see. There are a handful of other techniques. Get out there and explore the many options the Indonesian countries have created. 

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