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Are Ponchos Trending?

by Love Shu-Shi on Sep 24, 2022

Are Ponchos Trending?

With trends changing so quickly it seems as though you go to sleep with one trend and wake up to another overnight. Trying to stay on top of what is trendy can seem so impossibly difficult. From clothing to Tik Tok dances to what NYC restaurant is the main focus of the day is an ever-changing sport. 

In this fashion blog, I want to talk about my favorite…PONCHOS! 

Are poncho trending?

Short answer-ALWAYS!!

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 What Is A Poncho? 


The quick and simple answer is a poncho is a fabric that resembles a blanket where a hole at the top center is cut out so that your head can pass through. 

The rest of the cloth can be used to drape over the body and you can style it with a belt or let it free hang. It can come as a sheer topper, poncho dress, or the traditional poncho coat. You may have luck finding ponchos for sale online as well as in any nearby market or store that sells bohemian clothing. 

Ponchos originated in South America with indigenous tribes and in some areas represented power and wealth. Nowadays the poncho has spread out through Latin America and North America. 

Mostly popular among women and children, this unisex poncho has been worn by men as well. Let’s take a look at the hippie era! Men and women danced in the rain and shine during those summer days at Woodstock in their fringed ponchos. 

If you want to read more about the origin, check out this site here.

Ladies' Poncho has been worn by people for many years. It creates an easy look that goes with a variety of clothes without any problem. One can wear it to cover themselves during wet or cold weather conditions. 

However, as fashion is ever evolving, the biggest question that comes to everyone's mind is if ladies' ponchos and wraps are still trending or not.

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Are Ponchos Trendy Now?


Ponchos have existed for decades now and every time fashion brings them back into trend they seem to develop a new love and appreciation for them. With updated designs and patterns, ponchos for women are very trendy. Their trend came back in the year 2017 and then faded out in the same year. 

Now in the year 2022, the trend for ponchos seems to have come back stronger than ever. Everywhere you look on social media or on the streets, fashionistas are wearing these toppers. You can find ladies in a black poncho or poncho swimsuit cover-up rocking their look.

Women are seen wearing ponchos with stylish belts around their waist and tight-fitting jeans or leggings alongside stylish shoes. Not to mention, the accessories worn with the women's black poncho are no less than icing on the cake.

In hindsight, ponchos are always making a comeback to the world of fashion. 

If you want a deeper look into ponchos check out this blog here about how to wear a poncho and if they are just for cold weather.


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Is it Worth It To Buy A Poncho?


Did I entice you to go out and buy one of the many thousands of ponchos out there? This is a wardrobe staple that can be worn on the laziest of days to even on a dinner date. With a vast variety of uses, ponchos are by far one of my favorite clothing accessories out there on the market today. I highly advise having a simple solid summer poncho that is lightweight and a wool poncho that is heavy and warm and can be worn during the winter. I am in Upstate New York and have been known to wear my very own wool alpaca blend poncho over a sweater for those cold days and still be nice and warm. 

So the question still remains, Is it worth it to buy a poncho?

Yes, definitely, it’s worth it and goes well with one’s style every year. Women's poncho wrap is definitely worth it to buy in 2022 if you are a fashion enthusiast like myself or want to upgrade your wardrobe. No matter how many times it goes out of style, it always seems to come back around. Plus there are so many types of ponchos out there you can easily find one for every season. 

They do not have to be black or white, feel free to go bold with a pattern or have fringe..or not! Who am I to decide what your style is. Keep it bohemian or just comfortable. Wear to concerts, festivals, dinner dates, or to the grocery store. This is one of the most versatile yet comfortable pieces of clothing out there. It keeps things practical and easy for those super busy days. 

As always, be mindful of the store you buy from. Are they sustainable or Fair Trade? What are their morals? When you buy from a company that has higher standards of morals and ethics it makes you feel as though you are contributing to the good cause that they are providing. Here at Love ShuShi we are Fair Trade and focus on empowering women. This can be through careers or styles. Look and feel your best-Be you. Be beautiful. Be confident. 

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