Are Ponchos Simply Designed for Cold Weather?

Are Ponchos Simply Designed for Cold Weather?

by Digirockett Developers on Sep 24, 2022

 Are Ponchos Simply Designed for Cold Weather?

When you think of ponchos, do you think of the general rain poncho? Maybe you think of the beautifully handcrafted alpaca poncho that is from Peru. No matter how you see the poncho, it has the ability to transform your outfit of the day. 

A lot of people see the poncho for women only. Or simply to be used just for cold days. This is 100% untrue! The unisex piece of fabric is made for one and all. This includes petite frames, curvy bodies, and everyone in between. 

I absolutely LOVE a cute boho poncho with a little fringe. It is playful, cute, comfortable, and easy to wear when you really don’t have “anything to wear”. The simple toss-on-and-go piece of clothing has revolutionized the fashion scene over the years. 

In this fashion blog, we are going to show you why a poncho is not simply just for cold weather and how you can wear and style them.  


What is a Poncho?

A poncho is a fabric that resembles a blanket where a hole at the top center is cut out so that your head can pass through. 

The rest of the sleeveless cloth can be used to drape over the body and you can style it with a belt or let it free hang. You may have luck finding ponchos for sale online as well as in any nearby market or store that sells bohemian clothing. 

Ponchos originated in South America with indigenous tribes and in some areas represented power and wealth. Nowadays the poncho has spread out through Latin America and North America. 

Mostly popular among women and children, this unisex poncho has been worn by men as well. Let’s take a look at the hippie era! Men and women danced in the rain and shine during those summer days at Woodstock in their fringed ponchos. 

If you want to read more about the origin, check out this site here.

Turtleneck Knit Poncho

How To Style A Poncho

Okay, so now that we know where the trendy topper came from, the next question is how to style this bad boy. Check out this fashion blog here for a more detailed guide on how to keep it stylish and trendy all while keeping your style and vibe. 

This will be a quick look at the options we have for styling a poncho.

  1. Find your favorite belt and wrap it around an oversized patterned or solid poncho. I personally love this
  2. Pair with denim shorts, jeans, dresses, skirts, or leggings.
  3. Go bold! Print ponchos add that heightened look to almost any outfit. 
  4. Stay solid. A solid poncho may be exactly what you need. Find yours here 
  5. Shoes! Honestly, whatever you desire pairs beautifully with a poncho of your choice. The whole idea is to keep things comfortable and stylish. 

Can Ponchos Be Worn in Cold Weathers?

Finally, to the real question this blog has been after, Can you simply wear ponchos for cold weather? The short answer to this question is no. The options can be endless for you. Since ponchos have been around for decades the billion-dollar industry of fashion has come up with many versatile ways to wear a poncho. All you have to do is do a quick online search for “summer poncho” and you are left with hours of endless scrolling.

Ponchos like this one are light enough for cool summer to fall evenings. There are beautiful alpaca ponchos like this one that are ideal for wintertime. Lastly, don’t forget about the rainy day poncho. As I said, there are endless ways to wear a poncho in this day and age of the fashion world. Don’t limit yourself to just one idea or style. 


Where to Buy A Poncho  

Did I entice you to go out and buy one of the many thousands of ponchos out there? This is a wardrobe staple that can be worn on the laziest of days to even on a dinner date. With a vast variety of uses, ponchos are by far one of my favorite clothing accessories out there on the market today. I highly advise having a simple solid summer poncho that is lightweight and a wool poncho that is heavy and warm and can be worn during the winter. I am in Upstate New York and have been known to wear my very own wool alpaca blend poncho over a sweater for those cold days and still be nice and warm. 

So the question is where to buy a poncho? 

Simply, jump online and search words such as solid black poncho, knitted poncho for women, ponchos with fringe, wool poncho for men, or ponchos for women and watch as the internet unfolds thousands of stylish ponchos. Also, don’t forget that we here at Love ShuShi have numerous stylish lightweight semi-warm ponchos that are patterned and solid; some with fringe and some without. Make sure to check them out here.


As always, be mindful of the store you buy from. Are they sustainable or Fair Trade? What are their morals? When you buy from a company that has higher standards of morals and ethics it makes you feel as though you are contributing to the good cause that they are providing. Here at Love ShuShi we are Fair Trade and focus on empowering women. This can be through careers or styles. Look and feel your best-Be you. Be beautiful. Be confident. 


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