5 Tips to Create a Peaceful Environment: Relax and Escape at Home!

by Love Shu-Shi on Mar 10, 2022

Let's face it. We all could use a vacation. 

We work day in and day out and it can be exhausting! When we do get away we feel free and energized. The beauty of nature and culture surrounding us. Peace and tranquility follow. We stay at a lovely spot and feel as though we can breath a little easier. Vacation is a must for everyone working or not! It releases stress and allows us to relax our minds and create a calmer environment around us. We speak a little more gently and have deeper patience and understanding when listening and speaking with others. 
Truly, a miracle for those that are stressed out.  
The day has come to finally have to head back into reality. It can be so difficult leaving behind this almost fantasy world. The smells still attach to you as you enter the airport. You sit on the plane and day dream about the sounds and tastes and feelings. You wish so deeply that you could just pack up and move to this fantasy world. Escape from going back home. It is too messy, busy, loud, chaotic, etc. 
The thought crosses your mind...
"How can I live in a peaceful environment at my home?"
I have the answer for you! You can!
In this blog post I will list 5 ways to create a peaceful and tranquil place that you  can call your refuge. 
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Are you ready to dive in? 

Here are 5 tips that can help you create a peaceful environment at home and stay in a calm place even after vacation. 


1. What You Take In Stays In

A very basic way to look at this is whatever happens to you throughout your day you accumulate and take home with you. This could be a client getting angry about something that is out of your control, technology misbehaving and not going the way you need, your boss not listening to your ideas, co-workers being stressed out about their own personal lives. The list could keep going. 

All of this is now with you throughout the day. you may notice your mood shift a little and you don't understand why. By the time you get home you plop on the couch and scream in a pillow. You have now brought your day with you into your home. 

The best practice is to take a deep breath before entering into your home and letting go of anything that upset you today. Do not allow yourself to bring in that negativity into your sanctuary. This is your place of peace.


2. Buy Some Plants

Plant babies are by far the best way to keep relaxed and keep you on your dream vacation. They brighten the home and reduce CO2 in your home. They offer clean purified air which helps you breath better and gives your brain less of a foggy feeling. 

Plants are a great addition to creating a relaxing home and environment. 

There are a lot of plants out there that are easily cared for with very little work and worry! Which is amazing for the traveling woman on the go. 

Clothes for travelling woman - 5 Tips to Create a Peaceful Environment: Relax and Escape at Home!

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3. Clean

I know this part can be very challenging for a lot of people. Like I mentioned above. We are SO busy nowadays. This part can be so difficult. 

It is vital for a happy and relaxing environment to have a clean home to walk into. If we can take just a couple extra minutes a week to do a little extra like put the dishes away or fold that laundry that has been there for a week (yes, I am speaking from personal experience). It can be difficult at times. What is the one thing you notice when you go on vacation? 

There is nothing to clean! You don't have to clean up a mess already made. Things are folded, beds are made. This is the added experience to the vacation. Your mind is at peace. 


4. Lighten the room

A little paint job refreshes the room and the environment. One way to make your home a getaway haven is to paint it light. A nice light grey hue or a very light color of your choice keeps things not only looking clean but when you go on vacation, you don't just see dark rooms all the time. You see light and breezy. These resorts and getaway villas sure know what they are doing!

It does something to the brain when it is too dark. Take a weekend to lighten it up!

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5. Breathe 

As I mentioned in the first tip, take a breath. This is the most important way to create a nice and relaxing environment once you have finished your vacation getaway. This is the one thing you can control in your day. Breathing is what we do naturally but don't really know how to do it properly. 

Properly? You ask. Yes. There is a proper way to breathe that allows you to regulate your emotions and thoughts. There are so many videos out there that help educate others on such matters. It is truly incredible! 


I hope this is something you are able to take with you and allow yourself a chance to acclimate in your environment even when you are not on vacay. 

As always. Remember to leave feedback and share the LOVE of this blog post with your friends, families, or co-workers. 



Clothes for travelling woman - 5 Tips to Create a Peaceful Environment: Relax and Escape at Home!