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10 Ways to Be More Bohemian

by LoveShuShi on Apr 08, 2022

10 Ways to Be more bohemian

Ever wonder how they do it? The style. the vibe. the outfits.

Create a bohemian vibe in just 10 simple ways

Let's talk about boho vibes.

In today's style there has been so many different looks that come and go. Unique expressions of ones' style. The one style that has stayed very strong in fashion is the bohemian look. 

If you are ready to incorporate this free-spirited look and feel into your daily lifestyle keep reading. 

Here are 10 simple and easy ways to add some flare and good vibes to your everyday life and wardrobe.


1. Layers

Layers are so important when it comes to bringing the free-spirit out of you. Not only do they offer extra coverage, they offer a flowyness about them. Whether it is a poncho, a cardigan, a sheer top layer, or a topper you can't go wrong with this look. You can wear it over a tank top, a dress, pair it with jeans, shorts, or a skirt. 

Layers offer a look of style and elegance with a nonchalant attitude. If you aren't completely comfortable with your arms layer with a sheer top still offer a sexy look that gives you coverage.  

2. Patterns

This is one of my favorite ways to bring out the boho style. Simply add patterns to your wardrobe. You can mix and match for a more free-spirited look or pair a vibrant patter with a solid neutral color. Patterns and colors can be a tad scary to some. Layer up with a solid poncho to help ease into the look. 

Pro styling tip: Find colors that you not only love but look good with your skin tone. Wear different colors and patterns to the office or around friends and see what they compliment the most. 

3. Get Creative

Find ways to get creative with the clothing that you already have. This is a sure way to enhance any bohemian style. Find simple and easy styling hacks online for a beautiful fresh new look without having to go out and buy more clothes. 

You can also check out this styling video to help you style a shrug in many different looks and occasions. 


4.Don't be scared to show off a little skin

Another way to get your boho on is to show off a little skin. Embrace the body you are in and show off a little. I understand that with all of this day-to-day advertising we can forget how beautiful and natural our bodies are. Find clothing that make you feel confident AND comfortable. 

Cold-shoulder dresses are a great fit. They are flowy and show off just the perfect amount of skin. When you are on vacation, find a sarong that suites you. A sarong offers coverage in many versatile ways as well as that pop of color or pattern that we talked about above. 

Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and bring to the world your beauty. 

5. Accessorize

Accessorizing is key when you are adding a boho touch to your wardrobe. Things such as earrings, jewelry, bags, scarves, rings, and big sunglasses aide in achieving this look. 

Try sticking with natural and unique materials such as wood, leather, glass, hemp, and handmade items. This only amplifies the look and is a show stopper for any outfit. 

6. Find that bohemian statement dress

It starts with a good foundation when creating a bohemian look. You want a dress that compliments your skin and your body, something that you feel radiant and comfortable in. Find a dress that you can dress up or down and pair with many accessories. 

I personally like something two-tone or more on the neutral side that way I can pair brightly colored things with or vibrant patterned ponchos with. Maxi dresses are also such a boho inspiration, you can go barefoot or with sandals. 

Remember, bohemian is a free-spirited look. Where what you want and just feel comfortable. Confidence is key here!

7. Fringe Baby

Certain looks, like fringe, are a time hop to the 1920's, 60's-80's. Guess what. It is back!

Fringe creates that flowy look with tassels going in every direction when you walk or move. This is the exact definition of bohemian. The do what you want look. You can find fringe everywhere nowadays. They are on bags, skirts, shoes, dresses, ponchos, sarongs, and accessories! If you want to ease into this find a beautiful solid colored fringe bag that is neutral in color. This will be something you can incorporate into your every day wear and still give off the confident and sexy vibe that the boho style offers. 

Click the button below for an additional inside guide from this amazing blogger that I found to the fashion world of fringe.


8.Embroidered Clothes

Embroidered tops, skirts, dresses, tunics, and bags are not only stunning pieces that offer conversation starters, but are works of art that can be worn. There are many companies out there trying out this style and look with hand-crafted threads such as this dress. 

Having a hand embroidered item in your closet (or two) not only helps workers overseas but looks stylish. It is a beautiful way to introduce color and vibrancy into your boho inspired look. 

Note: It is important to know where your clothing is coming from. Make sure you do a little research on the company you are buying from and see if they are fair trade or have ethical standards. 

9. Welcome earthy hues

The bohemian way is inspired by the earth. The sky and ocean, the dirt, the grass, everything that is free. 

By choosing the blues, browns, dark reds, and dark greens, burnt oranges, and grays you are embracing the  style that has been passed down from generation to generation. 

This is for those that are scared of color or unsure of what to pair with brightly colored things. Keeping a neutral tone with something loud and vibrant can help neutralize the outfit. 

Tip: It is okay to welcome color, start with a blue that you don't typically wear or a green that is not in your closet. Go brighter from there (if you choose). Then patterns start to get incorporated. You can do the same thing here. Start with a pattern that you love and slowly branch out. 

10. be confident. be beautiful. be you. 

As I have mentioned throughout this fashion blog, confidence is key when you are trying to achieve the bohemian style. It is very important to find clothing and accessories that feel good and leave you feeling confident. That means, clothing that falls beautifully, clothing you don't have to continuously readjust (I just hate that). Clothing that flows, and clothing that is beautiful and you believe it is beautiful! 

Style and fashion change all the time and it is extremely difficult to keep up. Be free to make the choices that matter most to you. If you believe it looks and feels good, wear it! Not just wear it-OWN IT! 


Love Shushi - 10 Ways to Be More Bohemian

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