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Clothes for the Traveling Woman: What to Wear as You Travel in Style

by Love Shu-Shi on Jul 22, 2019

Typing this with a dog in my lap and listening to the rain outside. 

The adventure that radiates inside us can be very beautiful. Going off and exploring new places whether they are poolside of that new resort you have always wanted to see, or the Bali Sea. Jungles of the Amazon or the lake for a family get together. No matter where you are big or small, having a comfortable outfit to wear is so important! When you are out there branching off and seeing the world the last thing you want to worry about is adjusting your clothing. You want comfort and ease. Something that won't weigh you down. If you are trying to live a free life why can't you make your clothes the same way?

That is where we come in. Love Shu-Shi designs clothing for the traveling woman or even the woman that wants to lounge in her own personal oasis at home. We design clothing for comfort and ease. Not to mention stylish as well!

travel wear. Woman sitting in a hammock


Unique clothing is what makes us stand out. It's what makes us feel good in our style and in our everyday hustle. The vibrant colors or hand-painted designs can whisk us away to a tropical land even if we are just sitting on our couch with a hand in the potato chip bowl. It's how we communicate with others to say "Hey! This is me!". Clothing can make many different statements. Are you ready to make yours? Batik clothing made uniquely like you. 

traveling clothes

Owning a piece of clothing that is easy to fold down and carry with you is a must if you are a traveling woman, like me. You want something that can be worn a thousand different ways. Something special that has the ability to be dressed up or worn casually. Something you can throw on over your swimsuit and look like a goddess who just walked effortlessly from the sea! This to me is clothing a fashion statement, a part of me, comfort and style, effortless. 

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